Views on a new Near East
Sunday April 20th 2014

Dec 2012 – Issue IX


A cloud over the Middle East

Two years after Tunisia’s dictatorship was swept from power, the hope and promises of revolutionary uprisings have given way to disillusion and anger. An enduring uncertainty and instability cast a shadow over the future of the region.



Identity politics in Iraq: how much of it is about identity?

Fanar Haddad writes brilliantly on what it means to be Iraqi today.



Israel and Egypt: An Uncertain Future

Turbulent times and a new regime in Egypt mean Israel’s place and role in the region has been altered, perhaps forever.



Hezbollah and the Syrian Crisis

Samer N. Abboud and Benjamin J. Muller on the challenges facing Hezbollah as the Assad regime clings on in Syria.



Hamas in the Region

Paul Mutter on Hamas’ regional positioning in the aftermath of the November conflict with Israel.



A Homs Diary

The Syrian city of Homs has been devastated by war. Throughout the conflict Big Al Brand documented everyday life in the city.



Revisiting Lausanne: The Greece-Turkey Population Exchange

Agnes Czajka and Bora Isyar examine the historical context of the Greece-Turkey population exchange.



A Question of Omar

The Arab revolts have seen media in the Middle East come under scrutiny like never before. Tam Hussein investigates.



Jacob J. Nammar on Israel, Palestine and Home

Jacob J. Nammar speaks about living in Jerusalem in the 1940s, 50s and 60s, and about the conflict today.


Photo Essay

Shatila Today

It has been 30 years since the massacre of thousands in the south Beirut Palestinian camps of Sabra and Shatila. Photographer Alan Gignoux photographs life on the streets of Shatila as it is today.



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